Paper Disposal, Dont Shred EVERYTHING!!!

With all the technology these days, more and more people are turning to the shredders to dispose of many of the numerous peices of paper you have lying around. But what a lot of people seem to forget….until its time to purchase a new home…….SOME THINGS SHOULD NOT BE SHREDDED.!!!!

Here is a list of this your should keep forever!!!!
1. Any financial account statements (401k, banks, IRA’s, trade’s, credit cards, ect) One of the most common things people shred is the letter from the credit card company stating that their account is paid in full. What most poeple do not realize is that computers and your credit cards data files are not always perfect. They have human error just as anything else does. They have been known to forget to report that soemthing is paid in full. And if you dont have that peice of paper stating so, it can take you weeks to get another one from a credit card company. The rule of thumb…. always keeps every record you receive that has anything to do with an asset or a debt.

2. Tax returns. You never know what could happen in the future and you could need them for something. IRS mistakes and Audits can return years Later!
3. The new car sticker….beleive or not but the stickers dealerships put on cars that give all of their valuable info is priceless. Its like a birth certificate for your car.
4. Home inprovement receipts. Ok….this a given. Just like a car, you want to have record of any work that has been done. But not everything, such as painting or cosmetic work. The following items below will give you an idea.

Landscaping and fences
Upgrades to home systems such as heating and air conditioning
New roof, windows or doors
5. Bankruptcy petitions, or discharge. Debts can be sold and resold to different collectors and if you dont have proof that they were included in the bankruptcy, you will be out of luck trying to prove that the debt was included!

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