I’m kind of a big deal!

So today I got into deep thinking about myself. I had been joking arounf with my friends and family that I am “kind of a big deal”. Which I got this from Will Ferrell in his movie Anchorman. I didnt even notice but I had been saying it so much that I started to wonder….”What makes me a big deal”. Heres what I could come up with….some very true and some not so much!
1. I am really good looking
2. I have a rock hard body(I am still waiting for a repsonse from my application with Victoria’s Secret)
3. I have confindence. Its not like an attitude or anything. I like what I do, how I look and the friends and family I have.
4. I love my life.
5. I have a great family.
6. I love to make people happy
7. I enjoy everyday life
8. I am a Realtor, that is reason enough

For the most part I am a big deal becuase I love everyday. I love my family and I put them first. I love my job. What else can I say. Truely I am a big deal becuase I beleive I really am, thus so do others. You are always viewed as what you project yourself to be.

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