Another Celeb in Trouble

So another celebrity has gotten a taste of forelcosure. The associated press reported todat that Ed McMahon is facing forclosure. He is currently $644,000 behind on his mortgage payments. Ed McMahon has broken his neck 18 months ago and hasnt been able to work. Ed and his wife Pamela have had their Beverly Hills homeon the maret for over 2 years. It is currently listed at 6.4 Million. Apparenly his home is just down the road from Brittany Spears and this has not help with the sale of his home. McMahon has been trying to also work things out with his Lender Countrywide financial, but no word yet that he has been able to work something out. This really proves that the economy effects everyone. Though it does hurt more to others, I cant really imagine owing 644,000 to a lender for a mortgage. Atleast for most people that fact that you are in foreclosure is not blasted on every day news like it does for the celebs.

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