Networking Websites

I am a young professional woman. I had been on myspace for a couple of years. I heard about Facebook but had never really signed up for it. Finally about a month ago I did. Now I wish that I had done it sooner. The problem I always had with myspace was the frequent random friend request from people that I didnt know or that had no reason to network with me for business purposes. Just people looking for have a bunch of friends. With facebook I have found the following:
1. More privacy.
2. Enormous networking oppurtunities.
3. Connected with former classmates, co-workers and family
4. Easier ability to see what my “friends” were up to.
5. Tons of groups that relate to Real Estate

In a matter of a couple weeks, I had gone from having about 20 friends to almost 70. I had made networking relationships with realtors, marketing and educational groups. I loved that I had a feed on my page that showed what my friends where up to. I could read blogs, send messages to get more agents into my listings and I could update friends. It was quick and easy!

Have to say, love facebook!

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