The first post

So here I am, starting a blog that could be somewhat embarrassing. Admitting that I have a lot to learn about the real estate business after 8 years of being in the biz. I obtained my real estate license at the worst possible time. The market was almost at a stand still when I began. But I thought to myself, “this may be the best time to learn”. I thought that if I could make it through this tough market and come out making a little success, it would be fine with me. I had a lot of contacts that I had met through my 6 years of being in the closing end of the business. I assumed I may have a tough time but I honestly thought “I will make it!”

Once I began my real estate career, I began to realize that I had a ton of conflicts in my life!

1. I have a fulltime job
2. I have a husband and son to take care of
3. I have a life, sort of

So just so you get it, here is a typical day for me.

4:30am-go to the gym.
6:30am-wakeup my husband and son
7:30am-go to work
8:30am-4pm-get my main job done and work on real estate stuff while I am there as well
4:30pm-pick on my son from daycare
5:00pm-Go home and cook dinner
6:00pm-pick up the house
7:00pm-Watch son playing outside with labtop in my lap checking emails
9:00pm-Put my son to bed
9:30pm-Work on expireds
10:00pm-Research all the new listings in my area
10:30pm-Watch the Daily show
11:00pm-Watch the Colbert Report

So this is just what I did yesturday. In a timeline like the above, although most of the time, everything meshes together and often happens at once. My days are often a bit busier than this. This is my life and its what I have to do to make myself become a success. Right????

17 year real estate industry veteran. Broker Associate at BRIX Real Estate. Real estate speaker, trainer, and strategist.

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