Signed Deal During An Open

Soon after I began my career, I realized that opens were often a waste of time. I did make some contacts with potential clients, however I felt it still did not justify what I was doing. Spending a whole Sunday sitting in an open when I could be at home spending time with my family. Besides that fact that I found that it was rare that someone that walked into an open, didnt already have a signed contract with another realtor. So it defintley has its ups and downs.

Randomly one Sunday, I was doing an open. A ton of people had come through including some questionable family that I thought could have been the FBI trying to investigate me. However right as I was beginning to pack up, a couple walked in. They walked throught the house and were getting ready to walked out of the door. I asked, “So what did you think of this home?” The husband said, “its a great place”. “I think we want to make an offer on this”. I said ok, made sure they didnt have a contract with another realtor and asked them to meet me at my office in 15 minutes. I have learned in the past to never get my hopes up about these things. I got to my office and waited for them to show up. And low and behold, they did.

The offer they wanted to make was reasonable and besides that, they wanted to pay cash! I submitted the offer and it was accepted by the sellers. A little to easy right?

Not at all. This has been the easiest deal I have ever worked on. My new clients are great to work with. It really opened my eyes about opens. Now I know how my time in opens is very well spent. Great things can happen!

17 year real estate industry veteran. Broker Associate at BRIX Real Estate. Real estate speaker, trainer, and strategist.

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