Should I find someone to mentor me?

Today, like any other day, I am focused and trying to stay positive. But I find myself wondering how lost I really am. Maybe its because I had an offer go bad yesterday. But I do feel like there is so much more I could be doing. But what should I be doing??????
Like a lot of agents, when I first got licensed, I signed on to be another agents assistant. With that, I had hope that he would guide me along the way. Unfortunately, the economy at that time, took a turn for the worst and he was not busy enough to keep me on.
Shortly there after. I decided to move to Edina Realty. Which to me, is still a really good decision. However, they took me as an “experienced agent”, which I really wasn’t. So I just kind of floated around. I did make some sales along the way but there really needs to be more.
So today I kind of thought, maybe, I really need a mentor. Someone that actually had an interest in my success. I think I really need to focus and do everything I can to make real estate as much of a great thing as I want it to be. Its truly my dream job and I love being apart of this. But its time for me to do whatever it takes and regain some of the confidence when I first entered this industry. Now, to find a mentor!

17 year real estate industry veteran. Broker Associate at BRIX Real Estate. Real estate speaker, trainer, and strategist.


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