Are opens worth it

It’s Sunday. I’m sitting in an open house for another agent. It’s been over an hour and only one person has come through. I think, wow is this worth it.

I struggle with this issue. Yes you can find the random
buyer that is not in contract with another agent. And yes you can have a miracle happen where you have a buyer walk in and offer to buy the house for cash and full price ( it has happened to me ). But still is it worth not doing something else like spending time with your family

I the history of my career I have gotten 3 buyers from an open. I have had better luck with getting my buyers from refferrals and from other activies such as my sons school events, volunteer groups, and via networking.

To me now it as availible via the Internet Thats where I went when I bought my homes over the years. I never once stepped foot in an open prior to getting my license.

I think it’s time to give opens a break and focus on what I know that works.

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