Dont be that guy

I have found myself increasingly annoyed with certain agents. I see them driving their hummers around and there vehicles are covered in magnets and window displays. Whenever I see one of them, I wonder what they are like.

In my closing days there was an agent like this that I closed for. He would show up to a closing in some overly trendy jeans and a tight shirt to show off his out of shape man boobs. He would speak to people as if they served him. Even his clients. He walked around with his bluetooth permanatly affixed to his ear. They way he treated people was terrible. Besides the fact that he was a “stacker”.
(a stacker is an agent that has a team of agents working for him and while they normally get a better commision split, the agent gets all the credit for their deals and part of their commission). This particular agent had 7 agents underneath him. Bedsides that, this guy managed to crash my wedding.

I think, for me, I dont need to have a overly huge, gas guzzling vehicle to prove how awesome I am. Its all in my work. I have yet to have a client be disappoint and thats really all I need. I have a focus on my clients and I love to make them happy, which in turn makes me happy. Success is about what you do, not what you have.

17 year real estate industry veteran. Broker Associate at BRIX Real Estate. Real estate speaker, trainer, and strategist.

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