St. Paul Farmers Market

Spring time brings one of my favorite places to visit. The St.Paul Farmers Market. I enjoy walking through and checking everything out.
When I used to live in St.Paul, I would visit every weekend. I lived at the “Cosmopolitan” which was right in front of it. I could take a quick walk to the market and pick up some things to cook. I enjoyed it.
Today I brought the husband and children. The kids truely enjoy it. My son picked up some plants for his pot at home. My daughter looked around and enjoyed the flowers.
I am trying to train the husband on the importance of fresh organic food.
Recently I forced him to watch ” Food Inc”. It really helped him to see how horrible the food we purchase can be
So today at the farmers market, he was fairly open-minded. We planned to buy some “hormone free, pasture fed” meats. We picked up some New York Strip steaks. This is what we ended up with.

He was a little suprised at how small they are. But I explained how most beef you but in the average super market is mass produced and the cattle are given hormones. He does understand and agrees that it’s the better way to go

Nonetheless, we enjoyed the farmers market and I look forward to my next visit!

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