Missing my cosmo loft

Today as I drove through downtown St. Paul I started to feel like I was back home. I drive past the place I used to call home…. “The Cosmopolitan”.
Not only was this place downtown right next to Mears Park but my pad was amazing. It was a loft style apartment with a raised bedroom overlooking the kitchen and huge pillars in the living room. The best thing was the windows. The tall windows that overlooked Mears Park.
I would sit by the window often and paint. I felt so inspired by the big city.
I also loved walking down to the farmers market on the weekend to get some fresh food for dinner or some flowers to put on my table.
There were days that it was so nice out that I would go over to the park and read a book.

I truely miss living there and all the things I got to see down there. I now enjoy every chance I get to visit the area. I hope to one day have a studio downtown to spend some time working on my art or just hanging out enjoying the city!

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