Confidence Is Always Important

You may not notice this about me, but I am actually pretty shy. I get a little nervous whe I meet new people and sometimes I get sweaty hands. However in the real estate biz, being shy and not being confident is a downfall. Here are some tips on strengthening your confidence.

1. Put a smile on your face and try not to be nervous.
2. You should never have to explain to everyone your success. Running around telling everyone how awesome you are projects an image of low self esteem.
3. Dont pretend like you know everything. Know what you are good at and be an expert in it.
4. Do what you beleive in. Having love and passion for what you do is always important.
5. Dont get offended if others have different opinions than you. Listen and state what you beleive in and dont worry about the reactions others may have. Debating is a good thing and brings new ideas.
6. Admit when you make mistakes. Dont be the person running around trying to cover them up. Everyone makes mistakes and its good to be honest about them. Its how we all learn.
7. Say thank you when someone compliments you on your successes and tell them how much you appreciate them noticing your hard work.
8. Dont be afraid to take risks and do whatever it takes to see them through.

17 year real estate industry veteran. Broker Associate at BRIX Real Estate. Real estate speaker, trainer, and strategist.

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