I’m not a nerd, I’m technically challenged

Ok, I have to admit, a few years back I wasn’t about to give in to facebook let alone Twitter.
I joined facebook and was temporarily sucked in until I realized how many privacy issues there were. Plus all the people ” poking” me all of the time. It was all really annoying. I have never been a person to follow. I like to lead!

I joined Twitter and didn’t really do anything with it for months. I then attended the YoPros Squartables event through the Minneapolis Association of Realtors. I met Nobu Hata and he completly opened my eyes. I didn’t get what Twitter and other social media sites were all about. It all sank in that day.

Now I’m addicted. I feel slightly tense if I can’t tweet or see what others are tweeting about

Today, I have come to realize that I’m still not as nerdy as the tweeps I follow and I’m sure all of my followers get annoyed by all my frequent misspells. But my IQ is 150 and sometimes my thoughts go around in circles. I can’t help myself. Love me or hate me, I’m here forever! Regardless of how un-nerdy I may be’

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