Keeping in touch with your clients

Keeping in touch with your clients is very important, obviously….But how do you keep in touch with them and how often?

I am very personable and I seriously enjoy my experience with my clients and getting to know them. While I am working with them, I keep notes of things they are interested in. I remember to write their kids/grandkids names down. I dont beleive in sending refrigeratr magnets or letters to my clients, cause it’s just not me, plus its really unoriginal.

The way I keep up with my clients may not be for everyone, but it truely does work for me. Here’s my not so much a plan…PLAN.

1. I always give my clients personalized closing gifts.
2. A few days after closing, I will call or email them to see how things are going and thanking them again.
3. I will stop by their place casually a couple of times a year (if Im local, Ill be on a walk with my kids or on a bike ride) outside of my local area, I will to by if I am in the area. (I always stop by once a year and I call first)
4. Introduced clients moving in the area. If I sell a house in the same neighborhood, I will contact them and ask them to stop and say hi to their new neighbors.
5. I remember the things they are interested in and if I run into soemthing they like, I send them an email to let them know.
6. If they are business owners or are in need of work, I will refer people to them. I always seem to have some sort of connection for everything from a previous client.

Bsaically, I make sure they remember me, bot only from the awesome experience they have with me, but by staying in touch with them, just like any other friend. And it works. My clients have been very happy with me and I continue to get referrals from them. Its a great thing! Never forget your clients!

17 year real estate industry veteran. Broker Associate at BRIX Real Estate. Real estate speaker, trainer, and strategist.

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