Professionalism, courtesy and respect

Professionalism, courtesy and respect

I once read an article about the top careers that you need to be concerned about your appearance. Real estate was #3. I took it to heart. I try to be as professional as possible when I am in public and I treat every person that I meant like a potential client. I sometimes worry about it so much, that it completely drives me crazy.

I recently was out with some friends for a bachelorette party. I had it in my head to be a “good girl” and not be the typical girl on someone’s last night out. It was a great time. Yes, there were some wild moments but I was lucky not to be directly involved with them.

At the end of the night, we got on the bus to go back home. 5 minutes into our drive home, I noticed that there was an unfamiliar face. I decided to find out. I asked “who are you”. He was heavily intoxicated….”I’m going to Burnsville”. I said “I think you are on the wrong bus.”
Because he was so intoxicated, I offered to call him a cab when we to our destination. He agreed.
I got to talking to him and he stated that he was a commercial Realtor. I said “that great, I’m in residential”. Then, with no warning whatsoever he stated “wow, you must not make any money!” I was flabbergasted! I could believe someone would say something like that to a fellow agent.
I decided to take the high road and just walk away and not deal with his drunken thoughts.

When we got back, we called him a cab. He refused to leave. He claimed he was staying at our house. I said, “No, we don’t know you, so we will call you a cab”. He still refused. I ended up calling the cab but it was going to take them an hour to get to us. In the meantime, this agent decided that he wanted to fight everyone. It just kept going downhill. This guy got so distraught, that we ended up calling the cops on him. Police came, they arrested him and we celebrated!

I do know this agents name and I have chosen to forget it. I couldn’t believe the lack of respect he had for people in general. This is a perfect example of how an agent should never act.

17 year real estate industry veteran. Broker Associate at BRIX Real Estate. Real estate speaker, trainer, and strategist.

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