Don’t let others get you down.

I’m a little non conventional.  I rarely work in my office.  I dont feel that I need to in most circumstances.  Most if the properties I show are 30 minutes or more away.  I often stop at other office’s that are in the area that I am showing.

I sometimes feel disconnected from the fellow agents in my office, as they are so different from me.   They are not a geek like me (the little that I am) and I feel as if the passions I have in life are so different from there’s.   I have a huge desire to make positive changes in the real estate world.   I want to help others and share all the information I can.  To me, its not as much about making the big bucks anymore.   It just truly makes me feel wonderful when someone appreciates a blog I wrote or just simply giving someone help.  I like to help, anyone if I can.

Yesturday, I received a phone call from another agent in my office.  He said ” I heard you were letting your license go, so I was wondering if you were going into the referral network, and if you would send them to me?”

I paused for a second.   In my head I was screaming WTF.   The agent that called me, was newer and a completely nice guy. I knew it was not his fault.  I simply told him “No, I am not letting my license go, but thanks for your offer”

I took and hour to ponder what just happened.  I was slightly offended as, I felt like no one knew what I had been doing or even bothered to ask.

I would never say that I am swamped with deals, but I have been lucky enough to have an “ok”  year.   I take a lot of pride in what I do.  I cherish the things I have been able to accomplish.   I strongly believe that this has been my best year and it can only get better.

After I calmed down a bit, I decided to email my broker.   As I am not in the office, I cant truly know whats being said or if it was at all.

I simply told him how I felt, and that it seemed like it was implied that I would be leaving.   I have never once said I would leave or that I was even considering it.

I have calmed down about this quite a bit since.  I almost feel bad blogging about it.  I have decided to take the high road, and just ignore those who don’t beleive in me.   I genuinely think that this is how I will change the world.   By sharing and staying positive.





17 year real estate industry veteran. Broker Associate at BRIX Real Estate. Real estate speaker, trainer, and strategist.


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