Don’t be shady!

I recently became aware of a situation with a local real estate agent.   He was a big REO type agent.  He does a ton of business.   Never heard a bad thing about him until a few weeks ago…

I had recently stopped at a local shop.   The owner and I got into a casual real estate conversation.   A local appliance company got brought up.  We kind of chuckled at the store’s advertising of used appliances that were selling for just as much as new ones.  He then, threw a bombshell on me….a local real estate agent was supplying this appliance company with used appliances from bank owned properties that he had listed! I couldn’t believe it! Obviously, this could just be gossip but who would make this stuff up?

Which made me think, is it really all about making a buck?  Why make a property less desirable to a potential buyer?  I can’t imagine that the appliance store is really paying this agent that much money for these items.  What does this agent get out of this?

It’s obvious that this agent lacks any professionalism not to mention the ethical situation that this brings on.  This is another case of an agent devaluing the real estate industry in general.

To me, it’s what I strive not to be.  I could never imagine doing this.  As an agent, you have to understand the simple idea of doing the right thing.  You should care about what your actions to do our industry.   Don’t be a chump!

17 year real estate industry veteran. Broker Associate at BRIX Real Estate. Real estate speaker, trainer, and strategist.

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