A Newbie at This

So I am a newbie to Real Estate.  I have been doing it for less than 6 months now.  I have some leads and do a lot of networking and social networking, but no sales yet.  I come from a background of life insurance, which is a much quicker sale (most of the time). Plus you get more referrals in an easier manner in insurance.  Selling real estate is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  Some how I thought it would be more like life insurance. Don’t ask me why, but I did.  Although the lead numbers are the same.  In insurance they call it the 10-3-1 philosophy.  Which is the same for real estate, 10 leads for 3 customers for 1 sale. Which is why I am working as hard as I can to get as many leads in the funnel as possible.  I have told everyone I know, even all my past insurance clients and contacts that I am in this business. I have already gone through 500 business cards (I hand them out to everyone I see).  One problem is I am new to the area I am selling in.  I live in North Carolina on the border of NC/SC on the coast, but the Grand Strand area seems to a more moving area than NC, so I decided to get licensed in SC (it was also cheaper).  The problem, especially in the beginning, is that I don’t know enough about all the neighborhoods down here.  So I have been doing a lot of driving around to learn more.  Luckily, some of the veterans in the office have let me advertise their listings on my facebook fan page and Craig’s List.   Plus I am have doing a lot of floor duty.  It is a strange idea and I am starting to get a few leads from it, but our office does open house floor duty. We take our listings and do open houses M-W-F; two different listings each day for four hours. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. At least we have a wireless internet card.  Which is good because on days where no one comes by you can still get emailed new leads that have come into the office and do all the other work that you have to do.  But I have been trying out all sorts of things, from a facebook fan page and ads, to Craig’s List, to target direct marketing, to now open houses. I have done 1 weekend open house, but that did not go well. I have been to other open houses to see how other agents hold theirs to learn more. I just tell them that I am an agent looking for a condo or home for a customer, which may or may not be true at that moment. You never know though I could go into a house on a Saturday and get a lead Monday that fits the house I just saw. I also ask them questions about the business so that I can learn even more.  I really thought before entering this business that after close to 6 months I would have made a sale.  I have been told by my mentor that in this business and this market, even down here in Myrtle Beach, it can take up to 9 months or longer to make your first sale, especially when people don’t know you. Which is why I am on every committee I can find and have gone through those 500 business cards.  I am also finding out that this job takes a lot more work than insurance. Even if I am working from home, I am working hard non-stop from 9-5 or sometimes later, most of the time it is later.  It is starting to drive my husband crazy about how much I work. I am reading How to List and Sell and read the Millionaire Real Estate Agent. I am going to give a try at FSBO’s.  From some LinkedIn groups I am in, some say they have gotten a lot of business from FSBO’s and some say they haven’t.  But being new, I am desperate so I will try anything.  I am also hoping to meet more people who work with real estate agents so I can network and create a working relationship with them. A quid-pro-quo so to say. Real Estate looks so easy; it looks like an easy life style.  But I have quickly learned that is not the case.  This is much harder and a lot more work than I ever imagined.

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