Social Media Overload

I am in social media overload. Social media is the new way to sell, especially they say in real estate.  It is a way to get your name and message out there.  When I first started out in sales over 10 years ago, it was the phone and networking.  Now you still do that plus social media. And there are more do’s and don’ts for social media than I can count.  They even have e-books, videos and e-courses you can take on it.  You have to have a Facebook profile page, a Facebook fan page, run ads on Facebook, have a profile on LinkedIn and be in groups, be on twitter, blog about your market on active rain and somewhere else, blog on something else you do besides real estate and at least 5 other things.  When it comes to facebook-5 times a day do something with your personal site-1 status update and 4 comments.  For your fan page-3 posts a day.  Plus you need to have a presence on twitter and be active in your groups on LinkedIn.  You need to blog on active rain and another real estate blog site once a week and as much as possible on your something else blog.  There is even an e-book called 101 Do’s and Don’ts for social media for Realtors.  There are more rules than you can imagine.  It reminds me of that book that came out in the “90’s about the do’s and don’ts for getting a date or getting a man, one or the other, I can’t remember what the exact name of the book was.  But doing all the rules for social media is just like following all those ridiculous rules in the dating book.  You can spend all day just doing this and doing that with social media.  And of course, you still have to follow your regular marketing.  Be on committees, be involved in this and that, find target markets and send them something useful every 90 days.  And when you do make a sale or get a listing, send out cards to the rest of the neighborhood letting them know. You name a committee I am on it; I am active in 2-3 different things with church, network, and send out direct marketing material to my 3 target markets (which means staying current on what is going on there) every 90 days.  I have 3 small target markets because my market is so large, and I have decided my next contact will writing a newsletter and of course I took an e-course on how to do that came with examples of newsletters.  But thank goodness for Hootsuite, so I can do most of these social media things all at 1 time and schedule when things get posted throughout the day. All of this to get more leads hoping to make a sale.  I was running Facebook ads, which were working, but stopped, so I stopped running them since I didn’t want to waste any more money on something that isn’t working anymore.  You can spend half a day just digging through different sites trying to find things interesting enough to post on your fan page so people will read and become a fan.  But since it all varies from person to person as to what to post, who knows what you are supposed to be doing.  I just follow other realtor’s’ fan pages and see what they are doing.  Of course, that takes time too.  And you do this every day, plus stay on top of what is coming on the market and staying in touch with your leads.  Following all these do’s and don’ts makes me feel like I am a woman reading that book desperately waiting for the phone to ring hoping to get a date.  I could stop doing all of this.  I don’t exactly have the time for it all, but I still do it all.  I am the queen of social media. Plus I have the smart phone with all the apps so I can stay on top of all of this even when I am not near my laptop, which is rarely.  I am afraid my husband thinks my laptop is attached to my hip.  No wonder he spends more time with the dog than me.  I always have my head buried in this thing.  So I am a woman desperate for that phone call and until I get it I will keep up with all my social media marketing and regular marketing, even if it kills me.  And of course I still have to run, so I can blog about that every day.  I really hope that one of these days all of this pays off, and I am not killing myself for nothing.  I could really use a no-social-media day, but can’t do that yet. Not until I get that call.

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