Do I Really Know What I am Doing and How to Do this Job?

Do I really know what I am doing and how to do this job?  I have been doing this for 6 months and have lots of leads, but they can be broken down into a few different categories: 1) pretty sure they could be going somewhere 2) may be going somewhere, but the customers are dragging their feet 3) call every few weeks 4) call every 2-3 months to touch base, and 5) dead in the water.  But despite my leads I have no sales under my belt. I watch people in my office buzzing around being busy, but I just don’t seem to be as busy as them. Then I go to these Realtor® functions where these other new agents make it sound like their business is going great, and they are making tons of sales. Of course I have to admit that I too BS at these functions and make it sound like my business is going much better than it really is. So I wonder if I am the only one BS’ing about my business or are they doing the same?  Do none of us want to admit out loud that this is harder than we thought and isn’t going as we planned?  I ask around my office about how long it took them to make their first sale, and they make it sound like it was as easy as pie for them. As if they got their first lead on their first day and made a sale within a week. Thanks, that helps me feel a whole lot better about how my business is going.  At least I have my mentor who is a Realtor® up in Wilmington NC who is honest and is telling me that in this market and starting from scratch in a new market like I am, it can take up to 9 months or may be even longer to make your first sale. And at least he has been honest and told me that it was hard for him at first as well. But 9 months-that means I have 3 more months to go.  And what if it is longer? Honestly, am I really close in making my first sale? May be, but I am not feeling like I am.  Am I a complete failure at all of this?  I can admit it I have failed before, so is that what is happening now? Overall I am a pretty positive thinking person.  I always like to think of the story of Abe Lincoln. He failed numerous times and even went bankrupt and lost numerous Congressional elections, even one in 1858 and look at what happen to him.  So I know failure is not the worst thing in the world, and I am determined to make it in this business.  However, there is still this little voice inside my head wondering if I am failing. Honestly, am I the only new agent thinking these kinds of things?  I wish more people could just be honest about what is going on with them and what it was like for them starting out.  It is like no one wants to admit that they did or are right now struggling with getting started in real estate.  So back to my original question-do I really know what I am doing and how to do this job?  I keep thinking that if I did I would have made a sale by now. I do all the right things to get my name out there.  Like I said I am the queen of social media and when it comes to networking and getting my face out there-I am a pro.  I have been in sales for 10 years and usually I would have had made numerous sales by now.  But of course real estate is not like any other sales job I have been in before.  Why didn’t anyone warn me that it can take this long or longer to get up and running. My BIC is great, but doesn’t have a lot of time to really work with me on some of this and then of course I keep thinking about my beginning of the year meeting where I was “encouraged” to make a certain number of transactions.  It is not like I am not trying as hard as I possibly can. Is there a way to try any harder?  Is there a way to be better at this? So back to my original questions-am I completely failing at this? Am I the only new agent thinking all of these things and having trouble? And do I really know what I am doing and how to do this job?  It would be nice if someone else besides my mentor would answer these questions for me and be honest for a change. But I am not sure that is going to happen.  I think there is more BS about your business in real estate than any other sales jobs I have been in before; which says a lot coming from the male, ego world of life insurance and engineering.

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