Got My First Listing

So I now have my first listing.  It came through my agency from our rental side, so I really did not go out and get it myself or do a CMA and listing presentation.  But a listing is a listing.  Right now there is a renter living in the condo; which I figured would not be that big of a deal. After getting the listing information I immediately went to work entering everything into the MLS, called the renter and introduced myself and let her know that I would be stopping by the next day to take pictures and did she mind having it cleaned up for me.  Well if what I saw was her idea of clean, then I have a BIG problem.  Being a renter, she is not invested in the selling of this place.  My seller is eager to sell and being my first listing I just as eager, so we are invested in the selling of this condo.  Of course how do you tell a renter that her idea of clean is far from clean?  I am afraid to show it because of how horrible it looks.You can’t even see the bathroom countertop with all of her different cosmetic and hair products covering it.  The bed is a disaster, and the kitchen sink was stacked full of dishes and more piled on a rack drying.  Did I mention the 3 deep rows of shoes she has in the living room?  It is a great condo-has a small back porch that looks right out onto the golf course; the pool is just a few yards away; the tennis courts are the next building over. I checked and it is perfectly priced and is even coming furnished.  It is right near the beach and local shops and restaurants, so it will make a perfect second home or investment property. If you look past all the mess you can see that the furniture is really nice and brand new.  However that is the problem-you just have to look past the mess.  Now I know how to explain to an owner the benefits of staging their home in order to sell it; I am a certified home stager.  But a renter is a different thing.  I don’t want to go to the owner and tell them about this and cause problems with the renter there, but I need this place to be clean when people come to see it.  How exactly can they see themselves buying the condo and furnishings when they have to strain to look past all of her mess?  Of course this would happen to me-my first listing is going to be a difficult one.  It is like the first lead I got and they had me running all over the place searching for a specific home with a specific type of granite countertops in the kitchen and when I finally found a house they decided not to move.  Really not sure what I am going to do about this one.

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