What do you do when leads dry up-problem-I have no clue

So what do you do when your leads dry up? Interesting question, small problem here-I have no answer to it.  My leads are dragging their feet or aren’t calling me back (which having been in sales before is nothing new to me). And of course no new leads are coming in.  So how do you bring in more leads?  How do you fill up the funnel?  In life insurance it was who you knew and who they knew.  Your base came from referrals, and I did really well with that. I went out and networked and made things happen. But it is just not the same system in real estate.  You can explain and convince someone of the benefits of life insurance, especially whole life, and how essential it is and how it can be part of your overall portfolio.  But you can’t convince everyone you know or meet to buy or sell their home.  And most of the people I know are a) in North Carolina and do not know anyone who have real estate needs in South Carolina or b) like where they are and do not want to move nor do they know anyone who does.  So what now?  I am the type of person who wants to get out there and make things happen, but exactly how do you do that in real estate?  I wish someone would explain that to me.  My trying to work FSBO’s is getting me nowhere, holding open houses isn’t working, running ads isn’t working and it takes time working a target market.  So what do I do?  I spent all this time in school learning the terms and math for real estate but what about practicing real estate? I do plenty of floor duty, but people are not calling in.  So where do I get more leads?  I have mentioned in other posts about all the networking I do, but as it stands today no new activity is coming in.  Which for me is extremely frustrating.  I try everything, I do everything, but my leads are dead or dying, and I am not sure how to revive them.  I like where I work, I like the people and it is a good agency, however I am not finding a lot of help when it comes to this question.  I know other agents have had leads dry up.  It happens in sales, so it must have happened to them before.  But they are just not helpful on helping me figuring out how to get the leads I have moving and gain new ones.  I have asked the question on a LinkedIn group I am with and most say to work with my sphere of influence.  That is not going to work in my case, so what else can I do?  No matter how hard I stare at the phone wanting it to ring, it is not going to just magically ring.  I would love it if I could make it.  I guess this is just part of the down part of real estate. I guess I just have to keep doing what I am doing and hope that things turn around.  That is really all I can do.  I wish I could go out there and make things happen faster, but I am not sure where to begin on doing that.  I am new, so I am still learning.  May be in 6 more months I will have an answer to this question, but right now I don’t.

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