New technology meets old technology

I got out of going to a meeting this evening that is all about setting up a Facebook fan page.  They are going to learn how to do it from a-z and even what to name it.  The problem is I have one, I use it all the time and I have plenty of people who like it.  I have even gotten a few leads from it.  I have it connected to Real Bird to posts on it houses for sale and foreclosures so many times a day, it is connected to market and basic real estate information for Myrtle Beach, I am working on a Welcome Page and Link page for information for Myrtle Beach, etc. So I didn’t really need a session on walking me through setting up a fan page when I am way ahead of the game.  But that is the problem I face, I am ahead of the game when it comes to all new technology in my office.  I even use the new MLS program that we have come out with.  My BIC doesn’t even know how to use this new program, and she my age.  And when they see my business cards with my QR code on it they look at it as if it is some foreign alien image to them-which I guess it is.  I talk about running ads on Facebook, blogging on other things besides real estate on WordPress to get leads, linking WordPress to Twitter and Facebook and QR codes, and their faces go blank.  However, talk about direct marketing mailings, working expireds, FSBO’s and open houses, and they can talk for hours about that.  I am not saying everyone should be using the new technology or it will apply with the way the run their business, but they should at least be aware about it.  They should at least not be so shocked that social media does work and I have gotten leads for Facebook, as well as my running blog that is connected to Twitter and my networking and direct marketing.  They both can work if you work them both correctly.  Of course it does not help me if I have a question on our MLS program and no one in the office can answer my question because I am the only one who uses it.  I guess I will be busy in May when the phase out the old program.  Sometimes I often feel like they look down at me as this new agent coming in with all my social media ways; like somehow their ways are better than mine.  Neither one-on-one marketing nor social media marketing is better than the other, but statics show how much time people spend on Facebook and other social sites, so it only makes sense to try to connect to people there as well.  You still have to do the one-on-one networking and marketing.  So in my office it is really new technology meets old technology and old technology has no desire to learn about new or use it.

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