Impossible Clients

Ever have those clients who are either all over the board on what they are looking for or so specific you just want to sell them land and let them build a house? Well I have two clients who fall into this category.  One has no clue what he wants.  He says he knows what he wants, but he doesn’t. He wants a house between 200k-500k, somewhere in our market (which is huge) but doesn’t matter what city, doesn’t matter how many bedrooms or bathrooms or whether it has a garage or not, or even the square footage of the house.  Really has no specifics at all.  In our market we have over 2,000 homes that are in his price range.  And on the other hand I have a client who wants a condo on a golf course, with one bedroom facing the golf course, a patio or deck, three bedrooms, at least 2 ½ baths, a pool in the complex near the condo, a good size kitchen with breakfast bar, hard wood floors and if all possible a wet bar.  And can come with a golf package.  Both say they are motivated to buy now, but their actions do not say so.  So they have me running around searching places and calling places to see if they offer golf packages to owners, and I know in the back of my head that they are not really motivated buyers.  But they keep wanting me to search here and there, all while wasting my time when I could be spending even more time with clients I know are going to buy.  So what exactly do you do with clients like these?  You want to just dump them on the door of another agency, but you can’t do that.  Yet you cannot waste all your time on people like this.  Especially when one is so up in the air that he can’t make a decision on anything you show him from the MLS or even come close to narrowing down his search.  All he says is he will know the house when he sees it.  The other is so specific it is impossible to find him something that meets all his needs.  Did I mention he even wants the kitchen cabinets a certain color and the master bathroom to have a jetted tub and stand up shower?  That is the impossible find.  Especially when he wants it to come with a golf package.  I would love to strangle both.  And of course both call or email me at least once a day to check on progress.  I am very good with follow up and keeping my clients informed on what I am doing for them.  But I normally do not check in every day when I have nothing to report.  So on one hand they seem like eager buyers, but truly eager buyers are not this up in the air or this narrow in specifics.  I have noticed that the more eager ones have an idea of what they want, but they are willing to not get exactly everything they want and realize that if they want hardwood floors, then they will install them if their dream house does not come with them.  This gentleman doesn’t want to do any work on the condo.  He wants it to come exactly as he has stated.  Impossible clients, nightmare clients-you can’t really afford to kick them to the curb, but you can’t also work too hard for them since you have a stack of better clients you need to be working with.  Somehow I always get the nightmare clients or situations.  Beginners lack of luck.  All I can do is try my best, not work too hard on them but n0t forget about them either. They may buy at some point, just not anytime soon. I have better clients to deal with who will be buying soon, so I can’t waste all my time with people won’t be buying anytime soon.  Even if they seem eager, they are not.  Unfortunately I have been down this road before, so I have learned the hard way who is really eager and who just says they are eager and have you running around in circles for them.

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