Got doped on Pot Brownies by a 75 year old little woman

So doing an open house last week in the nice small neighborhood near the beach and with a nice neighborhood private pool.  Perfect location, great home and the neighbors just seem so sweet. Everyone came by to meet me and speak to me.  This dear, LITTLE, older woman who was in her mid to late 70’s comes over with a plate of brownies for me.  I had seen her at the pool with her grandchildren earlier and she told me that she just hated thinking of real estate agents at open houses getting hungry.  So I am thinking what is the harm; I have seen her with her grandchildren; and the brownies looked to die for.  And yes I was hungry.  So while talking to her and showing her the house I eat 4 of them, then she gives me 2 more to take to my husband and well I ate those too.  Small problem, eating them was the last thing I remember and according to my husband came home stoned off my rear end.  He was worried and called his uncle who is a doctor and his uncle confirmed that I was stoned and those must have been hash brownies I ate.  The only thing I can think is that she could have something like glaucoma and puts the pot in brownies and then having her grandchildren staying with her for the week made a regular batch, but brought me the wrong ones.  She had grandchildren, so I doubt she was feeding them pot and she was so sweet I don’t think she would really try to poison me nor if she knew they had pot in them would have let me eat so many.  So yes another crazy story-I got doped at an open house.  I am glad I didn’t get pulled over because how would I explain my behavior to a cop.  Especially since I don’t remember getting home and kept swearing to my husband that nothing could be wrong with me.  They were REALLY good brownies, pot aside.  I work with some strange customers and seem to end up with the craziest stories.  I really thought I had seen it all in sales with an engineering firm and in life insurance.  However, I have been told that the craziness just doesn’t ever stop coming.  Pot brownies are a new one in my office, but crazy stories are part of the job. Lesson Learned, I will just know in the future to NEVER take food from someone no matter how old and sweet they seem.

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