Losing a client especially when it is to death


We can work with many of our clients for months on listings or trying to find buyers a home.  We get to know them, they get to know us, and we form a relationship with these people. After all the hard work we put in to working with them it is hard to lose a client no matter what the circumstances are.  But in my case I lost my first client to death.  We had been working together for 8 months trying to find him the perfect home all along while he struggled with really retiring down here to Myrtle Beach, SC from Maryland.  We got to know each other in a way that goes beyond an agent/client relationship. We formed a close friendship especially over running.  Finally after all those months he decides to make an offer on a house. However 3 hours later he went for a run in the heat, came inside and dropped dead.  He was in perfect health. All the doctors can figure out that it was coming in from heat to the cool that caused his heart to give out.   And because no contract was in place, his widow is not bound by the offer and now does not want to move.  So I lost a friend and a deal.  Not to make the day worse, while reading his text about the offer I ran into my garage door and messed it up.  I have kept working and kept running, but my heart has not been in it like it was.  I hear about lost deals and clients but this just feels so different from the stories I hear.  How many lose a deal and a client/friend to death?  It took a little while to get my confidence back in both real estate and running; I sort of shut down.  But now I am back.  I am realizing that just because a client/friend and a deal were lost no matter what the circumstances were that does not mean I have to stay off the horse.  It just means I need to get back on the horse and ride harder than before.  So I have lost my first client.  I am really hoping the next client I lose (which will happen again, it always does) it will be to expired agreement not death.

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