Developting A Connection


My feeling about people who fail with their social media efforts is that they lack the ability to obtain a true connection with someone. How are consumers supposed to trust you if they know nothing about you.

I recently commented of a status of Jimmy Mackin where he asked the question “What percentage of your Facebook Friends have you met in real life?’.  My answer was 80%.  I am not on Facebook, adding random friends. I am meeting someone first and requesting them later.

My main focus in my social media efforts is simply “being real”.  I don’t try to pretend I am a certain way.  Some things I may say may not mesh with everyone but it’s who I am.  By doing this, when the few people who I havent met IRL do meet me, I am the same person they got to know on any social media site.

Personally, I value my friends whether online or IRL.  I try not to be fake. Most of you that know me very well understand this.

While at the NAR conference I attended this past weekend, I met Jared James for the first time IRL.  We had known each other for years on Twitter and Facebook.  You would have never known by us meeting that we hadn’t met each other previously.  We chatted like we would have any other time.    We didn’t have that awkward feeling when you meet someone for the first time.

It’s all because of how we connected in the first place. We had conversations.  We took the time to get to know each other.  You have to take everyone you meet online the same as if you met them in person. Ask questions, figure them out.  It’s really not that hard

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