Which Really is Better-Residential or Commercial?

So my father was in commercial real estate. Had been for a while, and made a great living doing it. But growing up he was always the business man. Went off to work early in the morning after a home-made breakfast from Mom with briefcase in hand. Went at 8 and was back around 5 or so. That is what he did. Business, it was all business. Now he has just retired, but he would even say things have changed in commercial; not quite what it was. Well I can say whatever he experienced or what it is like now is not what I am experiencing in residential real estate. First, it is nonstop. 8-5, I wish. Second, I think I am too nice and less business. It is too personal and really no business. Hand holding like you are dealing with a 2 year old-yes. In my other sales jobs it has been all business. Relationship building yes, but less personal no. Not like what I thought it would be in residential real estate can be. Even in life insurance I did not know or get as connected with my clients as I do now. So is my struggle in this business is that I am too nice? I am an either or-all business or too personal. I had a deal blow up in my face and took it personally. Well in my defense he did say some things that no one should actually say to another especially a woman. Now I am dealing with another deal and I realized tonight that I am just taking it all too personally. With commercial you don’t get to know all the details of your clients, you don’t get to see pictures of the grandkids. There is a separation. So is that my problem, I get personal and I get too attached? I swear waiting for a client to call me back or especially waiting to find out about a deal-I live by my phone like a 6th grade girl waiting for a boy to call. I get too attached and that causes problems I think. But then may be getting personal with my clients is really a good thing. I don’t know. May be being a real people person and caring is good. Question though is-do I really care? All I know is that when a deal blows up for my father, it is not big deal. My first deal blowing up, I am ready to mainstream wine into my veins. So both are hard, but which is better? I have to say looking at my father’s career has made me wonder if I am cut out for this business, especially after this first lost deal. I guess there are pro’s and con’s to real estate just like any other job. I just wonder what is easier-commercial or residential.

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