First Closing, why am I so anxious?

So I have my first closing at 4pm today and I am nothing but a ball of nerves. I am anxious over everything. I don’t know why, I don’t really do anything. But this deal has been so up and down that I don’t think I will be able to calm down until all documents are signed and recorded. I mean I am anxious about what to wear. Is this normal for your first closing? I thought waiting to see if our offer got accepted was stressful, but for some reason this just seems a lot more stressfull. I just want everything to go right. Like I said we have had some up and down moments with this deal, so I am really hoping that nothing comes up in closing. I just want everyone to sign the documents with no problems and be able to walk out of there happy that I got through my first full deal and closing. But then of course hanging over you is when are you going to get another one. Real Estate Agent Anxiety; I think if could be a real psychiatric diagnosis. Of course if you looked it up in the dictionary I am afraid you will find a picture of me beside it. I have done a ton of deals before and sat through closing type situations, I don’t know why this one is so different. Well compared to my other sales job, real estate is a completely different business. I just really want this closing to be over with. I know I feel so much better. People keep asking if I am excited about it; how do I explain to them that I am not sure if what I am feeling could be considered excitement. I really don’t know what exactly it is that is causing this anxiety, but I am feeling it. It is more than just it going smoothly, I guess it is also that I don’t screw up. Although based on being the buyer in two deals, my agent did not do a whole lot during the closing. This deal has been a real learning experience for me; good and bad. But soon it will be over and may be then I will feel some excitement. I will let you know.

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