First Closing Behind Me-it was a win, but it was an ugly win


So I was so anxious over so many things with this first closing and really this first deal.  Like I said in my last post, this was an up and down deal and that is being nice.  Well about 2 hours before closing all hell broke loose.  The sellers are from out-of-town and their lawyer had to send them the documents to sign, well he did not send all the right ones.  Then the HUD was wrong; then the listing agency got our deal confused with another and sent over some wrong information and told me some wrong things.  Add to that I find out that the agency does not have any keys for the condo.  The only key is in the lock box. We were just going to give the keys to the lawyer and my buyer was going to pick them up from his office today. The list actually goes on, but I won’t go into full detail.  It took 2 hours of mass confusion, hand holding and getting everything straighten out to get this deal closed.  It was horrible. It was one of those situations where when you think you have put out one fire a new one pops up.  And then everyone starts getting confused as to what is going on and what they are supposed to be doing.  It was ugly.  I never thought to be anxious about finding out at the last-minute that people who have been in the business for longer than you know less than you and that everything is messed up.  But it all got fixed and we were able to close on time and that is that.  So it is a win in my column, but as they say in sports-it was an ugly win.  This whole process was a definite learning experience from beginning to end.  I will remember next time that prior to 2 hours before closing that everyone has everything they need and all is well so that I do not have to go through that again.   Never assume that just because people do this for a living and have been doing it longer than you that they know more than you or really know what is going on.  I am finding that some people around here work this way.  I am just not used to it.  Everything crashing at the last-minute over things that should have been taken care of a week ago, not really what I like to deal with.  So I was anxious over so many things with this closing, but I never saw the disaster that ending up happening actually happening.  And the things I was anxious out, I found out that there was no need to be.  The closing itself was like I remembered when buying other homes-it is really not a big deal and the agent does very little.  The only thing I really did was sit there and sign 1 document as a witness.  So my first deal and closing is behind me, now I can just file it away and move forward to the next one.  Of course now I have to get a next one.  That can cause the anxiety to come back.


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