Bye Bye QR Codes-Meet NFC

A few years ago we all got into the hype of QR codes. I was never sold on them. I just couldn’t see the majority of the population using them. Even years after they came out, they still are rarely used and the everyday consumer does not take the time to scan a QR code.

Then NFC (Near field communications) came along. The term itself is not known but the technology is. Check out this video for an example:


Yes, it’s completely handy that you can simply tap a smartphone or a tablet to each other and the information is instantly exchanged. Its simple. There is no need to download an app. Here’s some of the many ways to use this technology:

  • Commuting to the office: During the drive to and from work, NFC can unlock your car, adjust your seats, and even admit you to the company’s secure parking garage.
  • At the office: Once you’ve arrived, you can gain access to your office building and clock in by swiping your smartphone or other device. Paying for snacks out of the vending machine or clocking in and out for breaks takes only seconds using NFC technology.
  • On the bus: If you commute to the office, you can pay for your bus or subway pass and wave your phone to pass through the gates. Tapping your phone at a kiosk gives up-to-date information about schedules and delays, while interacting with advertisements and bulletin boards lets you access coupons or learn more about current events in your area.
  • At the store: On the way home from work you stop to buy groceries. Coupons and customer reward points are already pre-loaded on your smartphone and are applied to your total automatically when you check out. Payment occurs when you wave your smartphone over the card reader and you’re ready to go without ever opening your wallet.
  • At a concert: Like purchasing a bus ticket, you can purchase concert tickets and use your NFC compatible smartphone to gain access to a concert. You can also interact with smart posters at the concert for information about the band, the current schedule of events, and upcoming performances. When you’re thirsty, just wave your phone at a merchant’s register to buy a drink. Less tickets and cards to juggle makes the event hassle-free and reduces your chances of being pickpocketed.
  • Hanging out with friends: Finally, when you need some down time you can share games, links, and info with friends by bumping phones. NFC can establish a Bluetooth connecting between your phones for sending large amounts of data from a further distance range than NFC covers. You can even send money to each other all with the wave of a smart phone.

Here’s the cool part….and this is why I know QR codes are dead. There is now new technology that you can store information such as a video or for instance a property virtual tour into a card that has a chip inside of it. I would also guess that you could also use these on your for sale signs as well.

Check out this live demo I witnessed that shows how easy these cards work.


Now think about all of the information you could store on the cards. You can even use it as a payment system. To be honest ways you can use this are pretty limitless.  Even the company Moo Cards now have custom business cards that have the NFC technology in them.

Now obviously you have to know that you do need a device with NFC technology…and  for all the many Apple lovers, Apple has not picked up NFC, but the iPhone 6 is expected to have it. This is something that most Android devices have adopted to use.

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