Transparency brings the best success



Over the past couple of years, I personally have gone through some pretty big life changes.  These changes affected my goals and dreams.

I was always taught in real estate trainings to keep my life private and to not share opinions that were controversial.  This went against who I was as a person.  I always felt that if people did not share their opinions and thoughts , there could never truly be a positive change in the world.  I had been very outspoken my whole life. So being taught that I should do otherwise was a battle for me. I felt like I wasn’t being myself.

Then back in 2011 when my divorce process started, I went a little crazy. I was devastated and I lost the ability to control my feelings.  I poured out everything I was going through various online avenues. My site Hick City Chick was one of them.  While I didn’t share every single detail, people could really get sense of what i was going through.

It was through this, I started to see positive changes.  I was being my true self. It came easy and I didn’t struggle with thinking that what I was saying or thinking wrong.

I came through all the mess in my life and started to see my career going into different directions.  Things were happening that I never thought were in the realm of anything I was capable of.  Things were simply happening.  I had such a hard time understanding why any of these opportunities were coming my way.  (I was obviously still a little insecure)

It brought me a lot of happiness. I felt and still feel like I am capable of doing anything I want to.  It felt so good to be in this place now.

My point is this.  Being completely transparent allows others to see your true abilities.  People are drawn to people who allow others in and allow others to see who they are.  People trust people who don’t hide behind some notion of what they are expected to be.

We all have normal lives and sometimes it get messy. There is nothing we can do about that. What I have been able to do is share my experiences and people tend to relate to me. I am human and completely imperfect.

Being transparent has brought things into my life that I never knew I wanted. All of these things are amazing and I am having fun with it! Never be afraid to be who you are.  Great things happen to REAL people.

Transparency + Trust = success



17 year real estate industry veteran. Broker Associate at BRIX Real Estate. Real estate speaker, trainer, and strategist.

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