The Soap Opera That Is the Real Estate Industry

Over the past few years there seems to be a lot of revolt in our industry. Its been slightly overwhelming. I feel myself occasionally getting sucked into all the crap. It feels very similar to getting addicted to a reality TV show. I find myself sitting on pins and needles waiting to see what could happen next.

In watching, I have taken it all in and tried to analyze what the __ is going on. Its painful. My brain hurts and my god what has happened to us. It reminded me of the way I felt when I first heard the muse song “uprising”.  The words “they will not control us”  seemed to ring true about how many of us feel.




I think back to when I first fell in love with our industry almost 14 years ago. I loved the excitement, the passion and frankly, I loved the thrill of closing a tough sale. I try now to remind myself of this lately.

The difficult thing is this….we do feel out of control of what goes on in our industry. Most of this stems from many outsiders or wanna-be insiders having a stronger pull in big changes that happen….or at least trying to. There is a lot of contention over who’s bigger or who’s better. I feel that we are on the brink of disaster and the truth is, it’s not them, its us.

We seem to forget what actually makes our world go round. Its our clients. No matter what drama comes into play, we still need to service them. They are still going to buy and sell homes regardless of any issue that goes on behind the scenes. Ive said this over and over again, but we need to get back to the basics.

None of the drama matters if you are doing your job. Although we can’t deny some of these issues to affect us, we shouldn’t forget that the party with the biggest control over our business is our clients.


17 year real estate industry veteran. Broker Associate at BRIX Real Estate. Real estate speaker, trainer, and strategist.

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