Another Successful #ICSF


2015 Inman Ambassadors



This year I was lucky enough to be an Inman Ambassador. The experience was extra awesome because of this. I have never felt so honored to share my ambassadorship with so many amazing and talented people. I really fell in love with them and I can’t wait for the next time we all get together.

I had an agent of mine that had also attended this year for the first time. She was pretty overwhelmed and unsure of what she should be attending or what she should really get out of this experience. For those of us that have attended before, we all know, its all about who you meet.

In 5 days:

I collected over 100 business cards.

I met and had conversations with two other RE/MAX brokers and discussed what was working for them.

I accidentally had coffee with the Altman Brothers (I had heard of them before, but I don’t really watch TV. I really had no clue what they looked like).

I introduced friends to other friends.

I learned that orange REALLY is the new black. (Thanks Joe Schutt).

It was humbling that with all the successful people there, we have all had our moments of failure.

I caught the attention of a room full of people by asking a tough question to some panelists.

I got attacked by an elevator door, which caused some embarrassment. However it also caused me to have conversations with new people because of it.

But I think the best thing to happen while I was there was to connect with two agents from my own company who I hadn’t met yet. (Thanks Gina and Jen!)

As always, people were so willing to share. I got two meetings by simply tweeting out to people and asking them. It’s really that simple. It didn’t matter what your brokerage affliation was. We were all on the same playing field.

Thank you to Brad, Morgan, Will and the entire Inman staff for creating such an awesome experience! I look forward to next time. Also a special thanks to my fellow ambassadors for welcoming me to the crew. You are all wonderful! I can’t even count all the moments that I was crying from all of the laughs and even a couple of moments where I was close to peeing my pants….well…I’ll admit, I pee’d a little.

Until next time..

17 year real estate industry veteran. Broker Associate at BRIX Real Estate. Real estate speaker, trainer, and strategist.