Passion is what has kept me going

The other day, I was asked how I ended up in real estate. Most of us are well aware that people rarely dream to be a real estate agent. I was no exception.

Back in 1999, I had finished college and had begun debate of what do with my life. I was tossing around going to law school, going to med school or traveling Europe to explore what was a passion at the time, painting. I had a ton of fear about making the wrong move and not loving whatever I did. Besides that, I had always felt strongly that I was put here to change the world. At least, in some way.

I decided to take a break from school and see what was out there in the workforce. I signed on with a staffing agency and planned to do temp work in hopes of finding an area that I was interested in. Wouldn’t you know, the first company they placed me at, was Burnet Title.

I remember my boss Karen telling me during my interview “We work hard and we play hard.”  She wasn’t kidding. Back then, the market was absolutely insane. I worked in one of the busiest closing offices. I instantly fell in love with it. It was exciting, challenging and sometimes stressful. But there was so much glory and I was addicted to getting tough deals closed.  I was hooked. I quickly forgot all about any previous plans. I knew I was meant for real estate.

The market during my 6 years at Burnet Title, was everything portrayed in the movie “The Big Short”. Watching that movie was like reliving my past. Everyone had their real estate license. I frequently sat in closings with agents, with who, I couldn’t understand, how they were capable of not only doing their jobs but actually making a lot of money. There were so many shady agents. It was after 6 years of closing, that I decided that if these idiots could sell real estate, I could too.

In 2006, I got my real estate license. I thought…. this is going to be easy. I started working with an agent that I had known for years, to get my feet wet. But soon after, the market started going downhill and I had to move on from him.

The next couple of years were….hectic. I went from moments of feeling complete glory to wondering if I made a mistake. It was not the same as the feeling I had when I first entered the industry. But I wasn’t the type of person to give up.

I have managed to somehow survive it all and I am still in love with the art of the deal. I love helping people find homes. Even more, I love negotiating. It’s always fast moving,  I love the challenges of listings and the creativity that’s a part of marketing homes. I see a house and think, “How am I going to sell this?” I’ll never get sick of the moment when a buyer walks into a home and you know that they found the home of their dreams. It’s never been about closing deals. I enjoy the relationships, the trust and confidence my clients have in me. You make of it what you want.

Real estate is the perfect mix of everything I thought I would do after college. I’m not a lawyer but I feel I am constantly interpreting contracts. I am not a doctor but sometimes, my transactions feel like an operation. I am not an artist but I always get to use my creativity.

My passion for my job is undeniable. It’s not only what makes me good at it but it keeps my clients coming back. I can’t fake the excitement. I stayed in real estate, not because of money, but because my days are fun, exciting and rarely the same. It makes my heart pound just thinking about it.

Real estate is not for everyone. But those of us that do it well, have the same mindset. The passion matters. It matters in any relationship. If it’s not there, then it’s not worth it. But if the passion is there, don’t ever let it go.

17 year real estate industry veteran. Broker Associate at BRIX Real Estate. Real estate speaker, trainer, and strategist.